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  2010年10月20日消息,在和无线通信飞速发展的今天,各器件厂商、模块厂商、设备厂商纷纷推出紧凑型、经济有效且支持后期络升级的先进通信类产品。而对于做光通讯模块电路板上的小器件公司,COMPEX来说,如今的市场将是推动其继续大步向前发展的驱动力。那么COMPEX公司将如何在未来技术、产品质量以及产品市场等方面进行逐步再次突破,实现再次飞跃?为此OFweek光通讯专访了COMPEX公司总裁,David Gordon先生。

  图为 COMPEX公司总裁,David Gordon先生

  Development Philosophy


  The reason that COMPEX has been able to stay in business for 35 years is due to conservative growth. COMPEX has always been customer driven. COMPEX designs are done with their customers in mind. Future products are combination of R D input and Customer requirements. Their major strength is based on flexibility and fast turnaround (quick design to manufacture process). COMPEX is very flexible in scalability, they can process as few as 25 pieces up to as many as 25 million pieces.


  Quality control


  COMPEX is an ISO 9001, 2008 company, an international standard. Quality control for COMPEX is extremely critical as they also work with the space and military applications. Failure in these fields will generate severe repercussions. COMPEX bases their quality control on their people and QC systems, always striving for 100% perfection.

  COMPEX公司所生产的产品完全符合ISO 9001国际质量体系认证。COMPEX公司对质量控制要求非常严格,此外,该公司还为航空航天、军事等领域提供通信类产品,COMPEX公司的产品如果在这些高科技领域造成通信不良,将对其未来发展产生不可磨灭的影响。所以,COMPEX公司通过对操作员的精心培训,要求其采用完善的QC系统严格把关,100%保证产品质量完美。



  The 100 Gigahertz components are designed with the customer to reduce or remove inductance. COMPEX provides the tools needed in their assembly to optimize the design. The closer they can build things together, the better the circuit. COMPEX provides the proper sizes and shapes of components necessary to help reduce the distances from different components. COMPEX expertise focuses on the mechanical side to build something that will allow their optical components to fit with the closest possible optical spacing format with the tightest possible tolerances including height matching components to within .005mm.